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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

For a while my approach has been unstructured.

For too long, I've been trying to do it all. But it hasn't made me anymore productive than I was before. If anything, it has thinned me out with no concrete grip on anything.

One of the reasons I sold my last newsletter was because of this scattered approach.

So there are 4 things I'm going to concentrate on going forward:

  1. The learning app I'm building along with a partner.

  2. Sell or hire handlers for the mental models newsletter.

  3. Launch a competition consulting service.

  4. A tech and startup blog

Learning and Mentoring App

I'm big on this for 2 reasons:

  1. Potential for growth.

  2. Under-served market.

  3. Good team.

  4. Network effect.

I really believe this app could be big and grow exponentially after a threshold.

Mental Models Newsletter

Off-late, I've found people who are way more passionate about running this newsletter. While I started it because I was interested in learning mental models myself, it has become a distracting chore now that I have other projects to work on.

Ideally, I would want to hire someone who can handle the process. But I'm open to selling it if a decent offer comes along.

I've grown the subscriber base to about 3000 people, so there is no shortage of interest at the moment.

Competition Consulting Service

This is by far the simplest idea I've had and probably the one that is easily aligned with my skillset and availability.

First and foremost, there is an inherent demand for competition analysis.

Also, this takes the least amount of time for me to finish + I can charge a premium.

I want this to support me while I build other products.

Tech & Startup Blog

There is a massive advantage to ranking for some keywords that are emerging in the no code, communities, remote working space.

Plus the whole "Indie" maker movement is starting to take shape.

This can be a pretty passive route to advertise my future products/businesses I may build.

So that is about it. I want to keep things as focussed as possible and move forward.

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