Self-help Project

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I want to improve myself and I believe writing this down will help.

To me potential is not just about how much you can get done but rather how much things of relevance can you do and how happy does that make you. Since I've started looking at concepts like minimalism, I've continuously forced myself to adhere to a more holistic practices rather than a materialistic ones.

And it is not easy. There are relapses and some basic biological needs that lead you away from the road that you want to travel. So I've taken a few action items that I want to implement in life to make it better.

  1. Regular exercise

  2. Impulse control

  3. Thoughtful digital presence

  4. Managing mental health

  5. Accommodating an healthy diet

  6. Strategic learning

  7. Investing in experiences

  8. Maintaining financial stability

  9. Building deep & intimate relationships

  10. Reflection

Since my teens, I've been living with depression + Pure O and life has been less than ideal because of them. While I have acknowledged these issues multiple times, I often find myself coming back to square one. So, I've decided to focus on my mental health as my top priority, even if it means I having to let go of passion projects & opportunities.

I'm also limiting my digital activity & social media activity in particular to a few platforms and within specific timeframes. I'll be using Twitter to share my personal/professional opinions and LinkedIn for any work related communications but apart from that I do not want to be using other mediums all that actively unless required. I do have accounts on other platforms to make sure that people reach me if they want to, but I very rarely get connection requests outside of LinkedIn or Twitter.

Regular exercise is another aspect that I strongly want to inculcate in life because when it was part of my life, I was much happier. I do not like my body at the moment and it feels like it is operating at a very subpar level. I need to keep my body in top condition and do not want to make anymore excuses for procrastination. My diet is also aligned with similar objectives and I will be practicing thoughtful eating going forward.

While I am a generally curious person, a lot of times I've let myself get distracted with new learning opportunities that do little to nothing for me. I want to avoid wasting time on learning things that do not matter and focus on learnings that can enforce my core capabilities and strengths while focusing on my personal growth.

Also, I've always wanted to invest in experiences but I wouldn't go through with it due to anxiety caused by Pure O & depression. I want to change that and start exploring the life I always dreamt about. I want to travel the world and experience cultures that will help me grow as an individual while hopefully making me happier.

Financial stability has been an issue for me off-late. I always made good money but never saved or made safe investments. My investments have been risky and while I do think exponential growth comes at decent risk, it is important that I have a healthy cash reserve for emergencies or just to sustain my lifestyle.

And finally, I want to build and nurture relationships that mean something. For too long I've played the "people don't matter" game and as a result, I've missed out on a lot of good people in my life. I've been too egotistical sometimes to approach people I care about. However, I want to be careful in choosing relationships that I want to nurture and nurture them wholeheartedly. I do not want to be rude, impulsive or flaky anymore to anyone. I want to choose my commitments with purpose and honour them.

Doing all of the above will need a record. So, I'll be journaling regularly here to keep myself accountable.

Hope this works.

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