Remotists [28 June Update]

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

I started the Remotists newsletter back in October of 2019 and have been mostly passive in terms of efforts towards growing or monetising the newsletter. However, I am trying to take that up a little more seriously and maybe try and create a stable income stream.

Here is what I've done till now.


It has mostly been sharing on Twitter or forums like Reddit, Indie Hackers and Hacker News. Twitter & Reddit has by far been the biggest contributor to my subscriber base followed by listings on a few remote working related sites.

There has been no strategy until now and I have resorted to spamming career related subreddits that have brought in good subscriber numbers. So just with these minimal efforts I was able to grow the subscriber count to about 1600+ right now.

I've not marketed the newsletter for the past 2 months but I do get some subscriptions passively through listings that I am yet to look into. Long story short, there has been no real push or any sort of effort on the marketing front.


In terms of trying generate revenue for the newsletter I've tried multiple approaches. But what I was clear on is that I would not charge the candidates a subscription fee given the current economic climate that is prevalent. So I tried to:

  1. Ask companies for donations or support with no strings attached

  2. Ask companies to pay to list their job more prominently

  3. Ask for voluntary donations from my subscribers via Patreon

  4. Advertise affiliates

  5. Set up a paid service like resume review & preparation

None of these at the moment have given any returns and just like marketing I've not really made a push for it.

What's next?

While I do want to keep the newsletter alive, I also believe that being just a newsletter service is not much of a proposition given that there are multiple remote job boards that do a much better job of assimilating information and actually generating revenue from it. Hence I'll be implementing:

  1. Create a more holistic resume preparation & review service with clear tiered pricing and value proposition that applies to a wider audience

  2. Give visitors more incentive to sign up so maybe an ebook or a checklist

  3. Start posting remote worker interviews on the blog

  4. Create a remote work resource page along with affiliate links

  5. Create a remote startup guide along with remote entrepreneurs

  6. Run remote working challenges focussed on productivity and money management

  7. Create visual content on YouTube around remote working locations & lifestyles and then graduate to Instagram and Facebook

All in all, the site in its current state can not fulfil these requirements. So I'll be redesigning the entire site in the next 5-6 days and do a launch on IH, HN and PH.

Tools that I'll be using

Design: Adobe XD

Development: Wix (Affiliate link)

Social Management: Buffer

Next update

The next update will be on 4th of July.

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