Product Hunt Launch

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Just under a month after launching the newsletter to a small audience, I decided to do a slightly bigger launch on Product Hunt.

And it did pretty well.

Link: Product Hunt Launch Page

Status Quo and Growth.

I started the launch day with 458 subscribers and within the first 10-12 hours, I was at 996.

Even got a Twitter shoutout from Product Hunt, although I think the engagement on the post was not that great.

By the end of the first day (+5-6 hours) I was at 1413 subscribers. The subscriber acquisition picked up drastically in the evening.

At the end of the day, I was at 300 odd upvotes which roughly translated into ~1000 subscribers.

I noticed the down ranking of certain products that had significantly more upvotes than mine or even the product in 1st place. I suspect they did something that was against PH policy.

I didn't want to jeopardise this launch, so I took the hunter's advice and didn't ask anyone to upvote.

Subscribe to the launched product here:

Talking of the product hunter, I directly reached out to Chris Messina to see if he would be interested in launching the newsletter. Thankfully, he accepted.

I do not think an independent launch would have worked as well. Chris's audience and reputation was a key factor in the launch's success.

As of now it is about 40 hours since the launch and I'm still getting traffic and subscribers (1553).

And I am also still getting upvotes from PH members even after the launch day. I'm currently at 388. I think there will be some residual traffic for the next 3-4 days.

Overall the launch was very successful and it gives me a little more motivation to continue writing.

Lessons Learned.

There are also a few things I learned with this launch and would be incorporating them the next one.

  1. Most people who came to the site didn't read any of my posts and just subscribed.

  2. Sharing the launch page on other platforms didn't really help.

  3. Video assets help, the ones that legitimately did well initially had video assets.

  4. The traffic to PH is low during Sundays (maybe), going by the average no. of upvotes.

  5. There can be multiple launches for V.1, V.2 and so on. It is not a one and done.

That is all for the launch. The response was pretty good considering I half-assed a few posts on the newsletter.

Taking it up a notch.

I've decided to pursue this more seriously so, I'll be taking the following steps:

  1. Reduce the number of posts from 1 per day to 2 per week.

  2. Improve the quality of writing.

  3. Delete any and all mediocre content.

  4. Create brandable visual assets.

  5. Focus on community building.

  6. Launch a paid discussion group on Telegram.

  7. Better formatting.

  8. Apply to Substack fellowship.

  9. Get 1-2 advertisers onboard or fix on 2-3 affiliates.

  10. Develop a rapport with the subscribers.

So that is all for now and I'll put out another update in a couple of weeks. The next thing on my mind is to do a Hacker News launch but I'm unsure of its success since I have already been sharing posts there for a month.

That is all.

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