I've been practicing minimalism for a while (~3 years) and here are a few things/aspects that I've dropped or cleaned up.

  1. Living space (eg; pillows, phone chargers, medicine cabinet)

  2. Workspace (eg; desk, stationary)

  3. Laptop (eg; folders, files, bookmarks)

  4. Social profiles (I'm off LinkedIn and Instagram)

  5. Subscriptions (eg; domain names, media, apps, newsletters)

  6. Email accounts (old/non-primary accounts)

  7. Online storage (eg; Dropbox, Google Drive)

  8. Phone ( eg; apps, photos, playlists)

  9. Business projects (I've dropped 8 projects)

  10. Contacts (I've kept contacts who I've spoken to in the last year)

  11. Clothing (I've got 4 pairs of casuals & professional sets)

  12. People (I routinely churn out acquaintances or casual contacts)

  13. Books (Books you've read, didn't like or have no plans of reading)

I intentionally stretched out the process for each category to make sure I'm not taking any hasty decisions. The only thing I backed up from the above list is my contacts.

There were a few other miscellaneous things that I got rid of like redundant plants in my garden, old wifi router, excess cutlery etc.

The whole process of letting go was far easier than I thought it would be.

I've struggled a bit with the 11th item. So, I took a rudimentary approach by answering a simple question which is "If I was holidaying in my favourite spot, would I want them there with me for an entire week?". The answer to this question was surprisingly clarifying.

That's it for this post.