Merge or Delete

I'm taking on a lot and stretching myself thin.

So I've decided to delete or merge ventures that I'm a part of.

So here are a few steps I'll be taking.

  1. Delete Gambit School.

  2. Merge Validated Ideas & Mental Models.

  3. Merge NomadEgg & Credplex.

  4. Sell domains that I own but don't use.

  5. Unsubscribe to all the newsletter I do not read.

I'm going to stick to the following:

  1. The mentorship & learning app

  2. Merged entity of VI & MM (+ YT channel)

  3. Credplex

  4. Community for real estate agents

I'm running a short marketing & growth bootcamp from the newsletter via Gumroad.

Apart from these 4, I'm looking to build my skillset on no-code (Bubble in particular). So I'll build some one and done projects with it. (Tribe, Zapier and Gumroad are very impressive)

So that is about it.

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