2020 has been quite a year with a lots of ups and downs. But for reasons unknown I'm more optimistic about my future than I normally am.

It feels somewhat cathartic in its own way.

I lost a good person to COVID and that is by far the biggest negative for me.

But other than that, this year has been kinder to me than I would have expected.

A few things I want to take with me next year.

  1. Keep the momentum of the business going.

  2. Do not stop taking self-improvement initiatives.

  3. Embrace the past, don't just bury it.

Keep the momentum of the business going

Keep running Models HQ and Validated Ideas. I think Models HQ will end by Dec 2021 because I don't think I want to do it beyond that. And as far as Validated Ideas is concerned, right now I'm at ~1700 subscribers so I'll probably run it for another 6-12 months depending on paid memberships.

The motivation behind running validated ideas was to get into the groove of constantly thinking and executing growth opportunities in different businesses, so in that front it has been aces so far.

And then there is the mentoring business that I'm pursuing. It still needs to pick up momentum but I'm very bullish on its potential + the person I'm working with is really good at this, so I'm hopeful.

Apart from these three, there are a few other small communities that I'm starting but they are in the background.

Continue taking self-improvement initiatives

This is something I was bad at for a long time since college. But I'm finally in the space where I am able to take meaningful initiatives to improve my life.

This year I did quite a few things from getting on NoFap for almost 2 weeks to getting on an intermittent fasting schedule. While most of these initiatives failed, it has made subsequent attempts a lot easier and manageable.

I'm making progress and while it is not a lot, I'm happy that I'm moving forward.

Embrace the past

I've always been the person who likes to start fresh. I've done it so many times that it has made me realise that it doesn't work anymore.

This year, I spoke about my mental illness on Twitter, got scared that I'll lose jobs over it and quickly deleted my Twitter account. But here I am looking for a place to talk about it because it is therapeutic to me.

I had issues around feeling vulnerable with someone, so I decided to be a dick and end it. And here I am trying to find a good person again when just a few weeks back I had it.

I need to get better at not giving up on the past too soon and try to make the good things work.

I'm not starting 2021 at 0.

Plans for 2021

Most importantly, I want to get healthy.

Right now, I'm not in good shape.

If I could lose all the excess weight with a magic pill, I would take it. So there is no excuse in rationalising my ignorance around it.

I also want to improve my mental health, so I'll start focussing on meditation. This year, I didn't go my psychiatrist for my Pure O and depression even once, so that is something I need to catch up on.

I want to become more financially stable, I'm taking a lot of risks and calling it too close. This is probably the easiest part of my plan.

So yeah, thats it! I'll probably write again before this year ends or maybe not.

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